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City Sewer - Dirty Clogged Pipe

Countywide now offers a main sewer line inspection using state of the art video equipment – something we highly recommend for older homes – or for those who simply want peace of mind about the condition of the main sewer line.

What will the video camera detect?

Broken, cracked or collapsed pipe – a common issue with older cast iron lines
Blockage - grease buildup or foreign objects restricting proper flow
Root infiltration - tree or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line
Corrosion - the pipe is deteriorated and/or broken, causing sections to collapse and restrict water flow

The Inspection Process: At the conclusion of the home’s main sewer line inspection, you will be provided a digital video recording by email showing the condition of the main sewer line together with written findings made about its condition. You can also ask any questions about the findings at the time of the inspection.

Are There Any Limitations? Yes. These include making repairs, clearing blockages, providing repair quotes, forcing open or attempting to open decayed and deteriorated clean outs, removal of plumbing fixtures to gain access, determining the operational status or condition of sewer ejector pumps, and scoping of any line other than the main sewer line.

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