(Included - No Extra Charge)

Mold Assessment Services: We perform a visual mold assessment with every home inspection at no extra charge. Our certified mold inspectors will alert you to mold conditions discovered in the course of conducting our inspection as well as conditions conducive to mold growth (e.g., moisture intrusion issues).

What if Visible Mold Is Found or Suspected:  If visible mold is found or suspected, you can request Countywide to take a tape lift sample for submission to a lab for analysis (additional fee applies - results in 2-5 days).

Ordering Air Sampling:  You may also request air sampling be conducted to test for any unusually elevated levels of airborne mold spores (additional fee applies - may require 2nd appointment). Situations where this may be appropriate include: (i) a finding of significant visible mold or a strong odor of mold has been detected; and (ii) plumbing leaks or water issues that suggest elevated mold may exist in the air. Note: For individuals with a known or suspected high sensitivity to mold or allergies who wish to obtain a more complete indoor air quality assessment, Countywide will refer you to a micro biologist / mold testing firm for this more extensive study.

Reporting the Results:  Findings of our Mold Assessment will be set forth in our Narrative Inspection Report. Results of any mold tape lift/air sampling will be emailed to you within five business days from the date sample(s) are collected. 

What If Mold is Found: In the majority of cases, the mold flagged by the inspector is found in isolated areas (e.g., under sinks, around plumbing fixtures) and is readily treatable; however, Countywide's services do not include mold removal or advising the client on mold removal methods and costs. If mold is found, we recommend you coordinate with the seller to obtain a mold remediation plan from a qualified contractor specializing in mold remediation.

Cost of Mold Sampling(i) Tape Lift Sample:  $75.00 each;  (ii) Air Sampling:  $195.00 (includes 2 indoor and 1 outdoor air sample - $50 for each additional air sample).

Limitations Applicable to Our Mold Assessment:  Please click here:  Terms and Conditions of Countywide’s Mold Inspection for  limitations applicable to our Mold Assessment.



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