Thermal Imaging Scan

Thermal Imaging Scan Conducted to Detect Moisture Problems Not Visible to the Naked Eye
State of the Art Thermal Imaging Cameras - Equipped with Resolution (320 x 240) Vastly Superior to Most TI Cameras
All Inspectors Are Fully Trained, Certified and Experienced in Thermal Imaging
Moisture Intrusion Problems Discovered During TI Scan Are Fully Documented in Report, Including the Thermal Images

What is Thermal Imaging:  Thermography is a visible picture using the infrared spectrum of light to detect temperature differences.  These temperature differences can indicate areas of moisture intrusion into the home.  This imaging technique is a noninvasive means of assisting your home inspector in locating adverse moisture intrusion issues that might otherwise go undetected.

The pictures below are actual examples of moisture intrusion conditions that did not exhibit any visible signs, but which were clearly evident with use of thermal imaging:

What are the Limitations:   As with any technology, there are limitations.  Although Infrared Thermal Imaging is a far better diagnostic tool than the naked eye, it does not completely remove the risk of undetected concealed damage or water intrusion existing in the structure (for example, it does not see through walls nor act as a moisture meter).  Even with such limitations, conducting a home inspection with the assistance of this technology increases the odds of locating problems that otherwise are not visible to the naked eye.     

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