I. Standards of Practice

 II. Scope of Inspections

1. Foundations & Basements
2. Exteriors
3. Roof Coverings
4. Attics & Roof Framing

5. Plumbing
6. Electrical Systems
7. Heating Systems
8. Central Cooling System

  9. Fireplaces and Chimneys
10. Building Interior
11. Appliances and Systems
12. Pools and Spa

III. Limitations, Exceptions
 & Exclusions

IV. Glossary of Terms

V. Inspector Profiles


Scope of Inspection
As established by the California Real Estate Inspection Association

SECTION 11 (OPTIONAL) - Other Built-In Appliances and Systems

The inspector may examine any of the following at his/her discretion, as agreed with client:

Attic power vents, central vacuum, cook-tops and exhaust fans, dishwashers, food waste disposers, garage door openers, hydrotherapy tubs, ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers, trash compactors, or whole-house fans.

A. Items to be identified and reported:

1. Optional systems, components and appliances specifically examined during the inspection.

2. Basic operation of optional systems, components and appliances specifically included in the inspection.

B. The inspector is not required to:

1. Activate any system or appliance that is shut down.

2. Operate or evaluate any system, component, or appliance that does not respond to normal user controls.

3. Operate any gas appliance that requires the use of a match or other remote burner lighting device.

4. Operate any system or appliance that requires the use of special codes, keys, combinations, or devices.

5. Operate any system, component, or appliance where damage may occur.

6. Determine thermostat(s) calibration, adequacy of heating elements, operate or evaluate self-cleaning oven cycles, signal lights, or automatic setbacks or clocks.

7. Determine leakage from microwave ovens.

8. Determine the presence or operation of backdraft damper devices in exhaust devices.

9. Examine any sauna, steam-jenny, kiln, clothes washing or drying machine, toaster, ice-maker, coffee-maker, can-opener, bread-warmer, blender, instant hot water dispenser, or any other similar small, ancillary or non-built-in appliances.


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