I. Standards of Practice

 II. Scope of Inspections

1. Foundations & Basements
2. Exteriors
3. Roof Coverings
4. Attics & Roof Framing

5. Plumbing
6. Electrical Systems
7. Heating Systems
8. Central Cooling System

  9. Fireplaces and Chimneys
10. Building Interior
11. Appliances and Systems
12. Pools and Spa

III. Limitations, Exceptions
 & Exclusions

IV. Glossary of Terms

V. Inspector Profiles


Scope of Inspection
As established by the California Real Estate Inspection Association

SECTION 6 - Electrical Systems

A. Items to be identified and reported:

1. Service conductors, equipment, and capacity.

2. Panels and overcurrent protection devices.

3. Service and equipment grounding.

4. Wiring types and methods.

5. A representative sampling of switches, receptacles, and light fixtures.

6. Ground-fault circuit-interrupters.

B. The inspector is not required to:

1. Operate electrical systems or components which are disconnected or shut down.

2. Disconnect any energized system or appliance.

3. Remove deadfront covers where not accessible, or if removal could cause injury or damage to persons or property, or remove device cover plates.

4. Operate overcurrent protection devices, or evaluate compatibility of overcurrent protection devices with the panelboard manufacturer.

5. Examine or test smoke detectors.

6. Operate ground-fault circuit-interrupter devices by other than the manufacturer’s test button.

7. Examine de-icing equipment, or private or emergency electrical supply sources, including but not limited to: generators, windmills, photovoltaic solar collectors, or battery or electrical storage facilities.


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